Our Mission

The Ordinariate exists for those who are and who will be coming into full communion with the Catholic Church. This is especially so of our brothers and sisters from Anglican, Episcopal, and Methodist backgrounds.
Through the reverence and beauty of our worship, the study of Sacred Scripture
and charity for those in need, we desire to share the joy of being Roman
Catholic! We wish to build bridges with all our brothers and sisters who are drawn to the
Catholic Church, so that we might build up the one Body of Christ.

Our Vision

The Vision of the Society of St. Gregory the Great is ultimately for Christian Unity and comes from the vision of the Encyclical Anglicanorum Coetibus, as written by Pope Benedict XVI:

This single Church of Christ, which we profess in the Creed as one, holy, catholic and apostolic “subsists in the Catholic Church, which is governed by the successor of Peter and by the Bishops in communion with him. Nevertheless, many elements of sanctification and of truth are found outside her visible confines. Since these are gifts properly belonging to the Church of Christ, they are forces impelling towards Catholic unity.”


What We Do

We gather Mass.

We share our lives as a parish community, while witnessing the Truth of Christ and his Church to those around us, especially those who are not currently inside of the Catholic Faith. 

We share our traditions as former Anglicans, giving them a home in the Catholic Church as part of our Patrimony and Heritage.

What is Our "Patrimony"?

Concerning our Liturgical ‘Patrimony’, the words of the now Bishop Steven Lopes may say it the best. 

“’It has nourished the faith’: these expressions from the Anglican prayer books and how they are interpreted through the years – I’m thinking of the Comfortable Words, the Summary of the Law, the Collect for Purity, the Prayer of Humble Access – these are not museum pieces. They have sustained people in their faith because they have given expression, beautiful expression, to the truth! It is a truth of God that truly liberates us and draws us deeper into the mystery of God and of ourselves. The fact that these prayers capture this truth in such a magnificent way sustains faith.”